Boat Rentals at Lake Anna, VA
Competitive Pricing, Best Boats on the Lake! Delivered to your Dock
Most boats over 200 HP perfect for water sports

Contact Us, we DO NOT provide 1 day rentals, we rent to homeowners and renters at the lake and REQUIRE
3 Day Minimum Boat Rental and 2 Day Minimum for Jet Skis
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By Phone: 804-285-7771
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(Please note, we also rent water equipment to include water skis, kneeboards, wakeboards, etc. at very reasonable pricing, we will send a price sheet to all inquiries about a boat/jet ski rental)
17 total boats and 9 jet skis
Boat Rentals
150 HP Hurricane 19’ – 20’ deck boat, 10 person   $435/day or $344/day for a 6-day “week” ($2065) 
225 HP 23’ deck boat, 12 person   $495/day or $394/d for a 6-day “week” ($2365)
225 HP  Tritoon Pontoon, 25-26’, 16 person $572/day or $453/d for a 6 day “week” ($2715)
Jet Ski Rentals

Our jet skis are the 50+ mph Sea Doo GTX's and Yamaha Wave Riders, 3 person, $385/day to $545/day, lower daily cost if you keep it longer

They are all 3 passenger models, capable of 50+ mph and can easily pull a skier or tube.  Keep in mind that the 3-person capacity includes those towed, so typically you have a driver, a spotter, and a skier or ‘tuber’.  We also bring an anchored buoy, so we can anchor it in about 3’ or water in front of your home.  We've specifically selected these because they are the best riding jet skis available. Very stable, yet fun to ride. 

(Please remember-our ‘delivery charge’ offsets only a small part of our delivery cost)

For boats & jet skis there is also a pick-up/delivery charge of $80 (private side), $95 (Public side, East of the 208 Bridge) or $120 (West of the 208 Bridge to the end of our delivery area). There is also 5.3% Virginia sales tax and a $600 damage deposit.

(Please remember that our jet skis are better)
$545/day for 2 days
$485/day for 3 days
$440/day for 4 days
$410/day for 5 days
$385/day for 6 days
*  We consider these boats to be interchangeable as they are very similar.  The rental agreement will show your preference or what is available on paper, but the field crew may bring you a different pontoon boat.  If you overpaid we’ll refund the difference + tax.  If you MUST have a particular boat there is a 5% additional charge.
3 Seat Seadoo 150 HP HDB Normal Bow 150 HP HDB Pontoon 150 HP Hurricane Deck Boat-Pontoon Style
225 HP 12 Pass 23' Boat 225 HP 12 Pass 23' Stern Seating 225 HP 12 Pass 23' Bow Swim-Ladder 225 HP 12 Pass 23' Interior
225 HP 12 Pass 23' Rear Seating 225 HP 12 Pass 23' Side View 225 HP 12 Pass 23' Deck Boat Bow Seating 150 HP Hurricane Deck Boat
150 HP Hurricane Deck Boat Stern 225 HP Beington Tritoon Pontoon 225 HP Bennington Interior From Front 225 HP Tritoon Pontoon Bow seating
225 HP Tritoon Pontoon Catalog Photo 225 HP Tritoon stern seating 250 HP Sanpan Controls 250 HP Sanpan Seating
Wakeboard - Adult Feet 8 - 11 Youth Kneeboard Kneeboard - Adult 250 HP Sanpan Tritoon Pontoon
  Stand-up Paddleboard Versa board  
Life Vests if you need them:


Life vests are required for all boat occupants.  You must be physically wearing them when using the Sea Doo.  They must be readily available if you are using the Tritoons or the Deck boats, but ideally you would be wearing them. 

We have 12 ‘emergency use one-size-fits-all’ ‘around the neck flotation devices’ stored in the pontoon boat.  These are supplied for free.  They are perfectly safe, but not designed for comfortable use in the water, just to save your life (which they will do when used properly). 

We also have comfortable, “use for anything” vests in all sizes (very small child to 4x) for a modest fee to cover their cost.  Please use these for  all your water activities!  Please wear tight fitting vests, and be sure to connect the crotch strap for small children.

Minimal cost for vest rental.  No deposit, but you are responsible for loss or damage.

Please take care of our vests by letting them dry out after use. 

Payment Terms:

Typical payment terms are 1/3 upon signing the Rental Agreement, 1/3 sixty days prior to your stay, and the remaining 1/3 thirty days prior to your stay.  We prefer checks since processing a credit card costs 3%, and the best way to keep our rates low is to keep expenses low.   Other arrangements can be made, just ask. 

Contact Us, we DO NOT provide 1 day rentals, we rent to homeowners and renters at the lake and REQUIRE a 3 Day Minimum Rental
By Email:Lake Anna Rentals
By Phone: 804-285-7771
or Click Here For Web Request Form
Contact Us for Pricing

Please Boat Safely, Don't Drink and Drive, and HAVE FUN!

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